The White Fox (The Seven Stars #1) by James Bartholomeusz

The novel, The White Fox (The Seven Stars #1) by James Bartholomeusz was an overall decent book. I say decent because there were some things about it that made the book less enjoyable. One of the things that made this book worse was the engageability of the book. In my opinion the book was a boring read. It was hard to sit down and just read as the story was not very engaging. One of the only things that made me continue reading was the white fox, Inari. It had been the main reason I picked up the book and I thought Inari would be an essential part to the story. I was however disappointed when, while reading further in the novel, I realized that Inari wasn’t in the story that much with only minor references here and there. Regarding the length of the novel, I think that it was dragged out. I feel that the novel could have ended way earlier if the story didn't dedicate itself to over detailing things that weren't important to the plot. It took around 4 chapters before the actual plot started and in my opinion it could have started way earlier. To add, the exposition was really confusing and was hard to read through. On a different note, I was also not able to connect to the characters. I felt that they were strangers with no real emotional attachments even after finishing the book. I also felt like there was no (if not very little) emotion in the characters' dialogue and thoughts, making them feel less real. In conclusion I personally wouldn’t recommend this book to others, although I can see others enjoying this book more than me. 

Submitted by Sebastian

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