Of Curses and Kisses by by Sandhya Menon

The book Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon is truly an exceptional book and very much enjoyable. The book really allowed me to imagine school life but with a twist in intentions of the main characters. Jaya and Grey have rivalry that leads back to the time of their past relatives which carries on to their perspective of each other now. Due to this family rivalry, Jaya and Grey can’t see each other as normal classmates and doubt each other’s moves consistently. In the beginning, Jaya had only one goal which was to break Grey’s heart as a way of revenge for both her family and most importantly, her sister. Grey was as surprised of her sudden arrival to his school and immediately felt some sort of scheme from Jaya’s excessive kindness. But by the end of the story, revenge was no longer the attention. No one actually knew that the constant connection with each other would lead to more than just a love-hate relationship. The book in entirety really has an emotional yet relatable aspect which makes reading it far more interesting. Jaya is a family girl and respects their perspective, making it her own but she soon realizes that she can’t always see the world the way she was made to see it. There is so much more to see and experience without having hatred being the blindfold for it nor does what you see is what is true. Hatred  shouldn’t control your actions nor should it lead to reckless actions since not everyone is there to hurt you, some may be there to merely love or understand you. The theme of appearance vs. reality is a major overall theme on this book, what you see often isn’t what it is. Often times, you force yourself to see things the way you are told to see it but you don’t necessarily have to since reality can bring upon a whole new perspective to the story, in this case for Jaya and Grey. Also, if Beauty and the Beast interests you then this book will definitely be an interest to you. If not directly, this book does play on that story but on a more realistic level, to give teenagers more appeal and honest enjoyment with of course the perfect happy ending.

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