How to Make Friends with the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow

The book How to Make Friends with the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow introduces Tiger and her personal journey through the pain of loss. She was living her life unlike many teens in high school and didn’t have as many opportunities to live accordingly to her desires. In her simplistic yet unique life, Tiger and her mother lived in a small home with not much money to spare and Tiger was protected by her mother’s protective aura. Tiger didn’t have all the freedom or ability to fulfill her wants since there wasn’t much to provide her but for the first time she wanted to step out and so her mother gave in and also bought her a dress to her liking. Tiger, on the other hand, did not feel the same enthusiasm as her mother and ended up speaking in anger which turned out to be the last time she spoke with her mother. All Tiger wanted was to reminisce her moments as a teenager but instead she got pushed into a terrain of sheer pain and emotions. I’ve never imagined the amount of pain one can go through when losing a parent or anyone in this case and this was unlike any emotion I’ve ever felt through a book. Tiger is stuck in this whirlpool of sudden pain which she contains in the most saddening ways. Tiger’s journey was full of unexpected turns but she also met so many people on her journey that encouraged her and made her realize the importance of living and most importantly, family. She reveals her thoughts throughout the book, and also every second of her hurting heart. However, she doesn’t pursue the name of Tiger for no reason in the end, and she had her sister, friends,  and her mother by her side to keep her persisting. I’ve never felt the emotions of a book this intensely, and I really cannot imagine how much foster children go through, or the pain Tiger went through. In the end she holds herself together and continues to pull through with the support of  family she never knew she could have. 

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