Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Although this is a genre I significantly enjoy, I initially believed I wouldn’t enjoy this book.  I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover because- oh boy!- was this book so amazing! It is a bit lengthy but I read this in two days and my reaction to that is totally a shocker. The characters introduced in the book are Elizabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas- the demon. In the beginning, these three started off on the wrong foot.  They began as enemies incapable of bonding. As you trail through the story, the amount of twists and turns make their relationship unlike their belief. The most eligible bachelor as well as Magister, Nathaniel and ex-apprentice, and Elizabeth bind in a relationship closer than they saw coming.  Yes, it made me root for them all the way. We can’t forget about Silas, who is the definition of words nor actions defining a person (or demon in this case). The many obstacles they go through is unbelievable but the persistence they maintain is way more commendable. The risks they took while supporting each other is what got them through an adventure neither of them expected to go through. This story ends in losses and gains, but it was all worth it to save the Great Library. This book takes the trip to the library to a whole other level, but trust me it’s great! Like every library in this world, it opens the mind to more possibilities and lets your imagination wander. My end reaction to the book is that I should definitely not "judge a book by it's cover", because I thought one way but ended with a story I’d go for again. I truly recommend this book to the fantasy fiction readers.  It definitely won’t let you down!

Submitted by L. A. 

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