Sick Kids In Love by Hannah Moskowitz

Sickness is a feeling that couldn’t be described as an universal feeling. Every person experiences an array of emotions and loss of determination or hope and is let down so very easily. In today’s world, this describes the entire world as the word experience is the least definitive way of portraying the reality of things. Sick Kids In Love by Hannah Moskowitz is a perfect book for anyone but captures the thoughts of all those who question their illness as a weakness or a let down in life, preventing them from possibilities. The characters we are introduced to are Isabel and Sasha, two teens with chronic diseases with the most pure relationship that one can imagine. They describe the limitations they feel each day and reveal to each other the thoughts that hold them back. In this case, Isabel has a “no dating” policy, now most would probably think cause of her parents but the truth is far more deep with a tinge of fear which accompanied by Sasha changed her world. They supported each other throughout and no sickness held them back, why? Because an illness does not define them. Isabel still kept writing and asking her daily question for the school paper and Sasha found a companion in Isabel both making sure neither of them is let down. Everyone is different and if you were born with any sickness it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish what you desire. Unlike anyone else, you were blessed with a power to fight a battle that you can call your own or a strength, an experience that no one else can compare to. Also, by reading the book you’ll realize how friends, family and simply a conversation with someone new can change your entire world. Isabel and Sasha were going through their own setbacks but the support they had was what pulled them through till the end. Passion, determination, compassion and most of all acceptance...the smallest bit of each is all it takes. The journey Isabel and Sasha can be so very inspiring since the pain resulted in treatment together led to an eternal friendship.

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