Color Me In by Natasha Diaz

Color Me In by Natasha Diaz tells the story of a young girl named Nevaeh Levitz living in an affluent part of New York City. Her mother is Black and her father is Jewish, but up until this point, that has not really impacted her daily life. This is all until her parents get a divorce, which she finds completely uncalled for. Nevaeh then moves to Harlem with her mom to live with her mom’s side of the family. It is only then in which she has to actually confront her identity. Nevaeh felt like she was stuck between two worlds, her African-American heritage and her Jewish heritage. She has this one cousin on her mom’s side that constantly tells Nevaeh that she will never understand what African-Americans have to go through every day, solely because she is mixed. This book talks about the power of privilege, and how some people are completely blinded by their own privilege. She thinks that she isn't good enough for either, and is conflicted. With both of her parents wanting her to conform to the other’s culture, she is stuck. This is all until she digs up some secrets from her mom's past that makes her question everything. This book is about a girl figuring out where she stands with her different cultures, in relation to living in the United States. This book also tackles racism that Black people face every single day, and the prejudice people hold against her in her private school. This book also discusses religious prejudice, and how people can assume these things about you solely based on your  religion. Overall, this book was very interesting to read for the drama, the character development, and overall storyline.

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