We’ll Fly Away by Bryan Bliss

We’ll Fly Away by Bryan Bliss tells the story of two young siblings named Luke and Toby, who have very big dreams. All their lives they fantasized about what it would be like to not live in poverty and face abuse on the daily. They live in a broken plane that both siblings spent a whole summer fixing, in hopes of an escape. When they become seniors in high school, that's when things change. It all changed when Luke has gotten arrested, and is now on death row. He now writes to Toby, who knows that Luke did not kill anyone, as that is what Luke is convicted for. It seems as if their lives are changed forever, and their dreams of going to college are crushed. Throughout the book it contains narratives from both boys depicting their traumatic childhoods that have left them scarred even to this day. This book shows the triumphs and failures of two boys who grew up too fast to survive. It also shows readers an insight to different types of parents and the long-term effects of their parenting. This book is very realistic in the sense that not everyone has a perfect upbringing. I highly recommend this book because of its honesty and integrity dealing with harsh topics such as abuse and the judicial system.

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