The Baby-Sitters Club, Boy Crazy Stacey By: Ann M. Martin and Gale Galligan


If I were the author of this book, and I would have increased the number of pages it has. The reason being that it only has 166 pages which isn’t enough  to fulfill my craving for reading books. If I ever met the authors of Baby-Sitters club I would ask them, how did you just change Stacey from liking this ‘hot lifeguard’ who already had feelings for another girl, to another in just the matter of two days? If I ever made a movie out of this book I would cast a bunch of famous people including: Dwanye Johnson as the lifeguard like he did in BayWatch, Jennifer Lopez as Stacey, and Selena Gomez as Mary Anne, and a bunch more actors and actresses. The title of the book basically told us what the book is going to be about, like most books should do. The cover of the book is amazing, I think that of every book because I am a horrible artist, but I do try my best. The title relates to the book cover because Stacey is staring at the lifeguard, while Mary Anne is doing all the work taking care of the eight or nine kids. To wrap it up, in general the series The Baby-Sitters Club is one of my most favorite book series.

~Kadyn Neale

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