Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis is a historical fiction novel that I find really touching and interesting. I enjoyed how it took place during the Great Depression. It was touching when he had to run away from his abusive foster parents. The book made me have some real life feelings like anger after his foster brother, Todd, tells Bud’s foster mother very serious lies which made her hate Bud. 

Bud also said a very repetitive quote that I enjoyed. The quote was, “It’s Bud, not Buddy.” It’s short but it has a lot of meaning to it. He mostly said this when someone called him Buddy. It was shocking when a man by the name of “Lefty Lewis” stopped on the side of the road to see why a little boy was walking by himself. Lefty Lewis even gave him a sandwich and a drink and that was very heartwarming. I enjoyed it when Lefty Lewis took in Bud and took care of him for a bit.

When Bud found some people to live with, I felt a sense of relief. I was happy for Bud because now he is finally in a safe environment. I found it great when he got taken to a very fancy dinner where he finally got to enjoy a good meal.

Overall, it was a very interesting book. I rate this book a five out of five simply because I got hooked onto it from the beginning and it was enjoyable. I recommend reading this novel.

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