Troublemakers by Catherine Barter

Troublemakers by Catherine Barter tells the story of Alena, a 15-year-old girl growing up in London. All of her life, she has not known her mother, as she passed away when she Alena was merely a baby. She lives with her half-brother and his boyfriend when there is a threat of a bombing. All Alena knows about her mother is that she was a serious activist when it came to politics, bombing, racism, terrorism, and worldly issues. Alena wants to learn more about her mother’s past, in hopes of it helping her in the present. As time starts dwindling down before the bomber attacks, Alena is now on a man-hunt in hopes of discovering valuable information regarding her mother’s activism and life. This book discusses many worldly issues that impact the world today, through the eyes of a teenager. It shows the intense emotions that Alena feels towards these topics, and what someone as young as her has the potential and possibility to do. My favorite character is Alena because I was able to see her perspective though her hard times, and I was able to understand how dangerous attacks like these could be on civilians. This book is a great read about events that impact the world of politics, the environment, and society itself. 
Submitted by P. Z. 

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