This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura

This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura is such a wonderful and feel-good book. The gist of the story is the conflicts among relationships and the value of the smallest things, even if its in the past. CJ is such an simplistic and ambitious character and her journey is far more complex than her simplistic personality. From the fight to protect her family’s symbolism through the shop, to maintaining her mother’s perseverance as well as her own relationship, this book is ideal for a simple, slightly bittersweet but wholesome read.  Also to boost your interest, this book does contain conspiracy, jealousy when CJ’s desire somewhat comes true, a very sweet bonding with her best friends and a very significant inclusion of the LGBTQ society which is often overlooked in many areas. It is also important to notice how hate or disputes shouldn’t influence your actions nor should greed and your past,  as it is unnecessary to carry such emotions and overwhelm you. This book will not be overwhelming. There are certain aspects that are little heavy on her family’s history but it does help acknowledge the events in the story.  I will be honest, this book is perfect for a little sit down and easy but enticing read describing a teen’s journey.

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