Patina by Jason Reynolds

  This book was very good! I too am an athlete so I could relate to Patty, her dream was to achieve her goal of winning the 800 and 4 x 800 races at her track club ¨The Defenders".  Patty/Patina had to overcome quite a few obstacles on her journey to success. Hard work,dedication and a passion for track kept her going. My favorite quote from the book was ¨Remember you ain´t no junk¨ which was funny and really motivated Patty.  
      If I were to make a movie about this book I would cast the famous Jamaican track star Shelly-Anne Fraser Pryce since she reminds me of Patina. My favorite character was Maddy, Patty´s little sister because she is painfully honest and hilarious. My least favorite character was Krystal because she was paranoid and bossy, she was really intimidated by Patty, she saw her talent as a real threat. Krystal went out of her way to say hurtful things to get inside Pattyś head.
      Overall I thought the book was good but way too short, the ending left me in suspense: did she win the race? what happened to her aunt? I have questions. I would definitely read another book by this author,I enjoyed this book a lot.
Submitted by D. T.

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