Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton

The novel Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton is an amazing realistic fiction novel.  This novel goes deep into an honest and somewhat maybe relatable world to someone where the main character has an unfortunate mental illness, but the main character, Adam, does not let others and himself make his mental illness define him and determine what he can and cannot do.  I highly recommend this novel to everyone who is mature enough to read it, not only because it may be funny and very realistic at times, but it really makes you realize and open up to what others may be going through in real life.  It has multiple great and meaningful morals throughout the story that everyone could take a part of into their daily lives.  The length of this novel is just right.  I would not do anything to the length of the novel at all because every single page is very interesting and adds a lot to the story.  For anyone who is an avid reader, it would be a perfect length for them.  This book is told in letters which was very nice because you could really see Adam being himself and what he was thinking of at that very second.  A favorite quote of mine from the story is, “Respect your elders.  When shouldn’t it be... respect everyone?”  I like this quote because it really shows that it’s important for not only older people to get the respect and attention they deserve, but others as well since everyone is a human being and everyone should be treated equally no matter what.  All in all,  I highly recommend the novel, Words on Bathroom Walls, for many reasons. 

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