The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williams

The book The Art Of Being Normal, by Lisa Williams, is a great realistic fiction book. It really shows how people adapt and change. It also really shows that people might not even change at all. David was definitely a changing character. He really did not want to show who he really was until he was told he had the courage. Leo really helped him through that. My favorite part of the book was the ending where everyone made a small prom for David to show his real character. My least favorite part of the story was when Leo and David went to see Leo's father and denied being his father. It was very rude of him to do that, even though he had no clue who they were. The part that stuck to me the most was when Leo told his story of why he moved from his other school. He was very courageous to do that. Even after the incident that happened, he still stayed strong. This encouraged David to tell his parents about his real self. The cover of the could only be understood at the end of the story. It shows Leo and David walking down a rainbow path. On the back cover it shows a girl, who was David. This was a really great book to read. I would give it a 4 of 5.

By L. V. 

Submitted by L. V. 

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