Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

The novel Pet by Akwaeke Emezi is an incredible fiction novel.  This novel is about this one girl named Jam that tries to not only discover the truth behind a monster named Pet, but her best friend.  Jam was always taught that there were no monsters to ever exist in her town.  I highly recommend this novel because it really explores into an imaginative world about a child’s view on monsters and their creativity.  This novel has a couple of good meanings and also includes LGBTQ+.  It was really nice to see the author of this book including LGBTQ+ as it adds to the story.  The length of this novel was really short and was very easy to read.  If I was able to, I would definitely change the length of the book and make it longer as it could have added to the story even more.  I feel like this book could’ve had more to say, but it was still an interesting and fun book to read.  A favorite quote of mine from the novel is, “This keeping of a secret, is not a good thing to keep, you are keeping too many and they do not fit inside your heart, they will keep spaces between you and your humans.”  I like this quote because it shows that it is really important to know secrets are not always good for others and yourself.  It could really put pressure on others and yourself and make you feel bad about yourself at times.  All in all, I highly recommend the novel Pet, for many reasons. 

Submitted by S. B.

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