Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds

The book Opposite of Always, by Justin A. Reynolds, is a great realistic fiction book. I really liked how Jack put his mind to saving Kate very single time he started over. My favorite part of the story is when Jack finally meets the love of his life at a party. I also like how the author introduced her into the book. It was different than most characters, who normally have a long introduction. My least favorite part was when Jack betrayed his best friend Franny to gamble with Franny's father. It was not nice that Jack did not tell Franny what he was doing. Another part that I did not like was when Kate kept dying every chance because of her sickle cell. It was very sad and for Jack too. At least Jack got to try again every time she died. It gave Jack a new way to solve the problem. The part that really stuck to me was when Franny's father came to Franny's basketball game. It encouraged Franny to do his best and his team won the game.  Another part that stuck to me was when Jack brought Kate to the hospital just to be sure of everything. It was very kind of Jack to do that. It also made a turning point because ...... well, read the book!  I enjoyed this and would give this book a 3 out of 5.

Submitted by L. V. 

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