Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

“Jake and Lily”, by Jerry Spinelli, is an amazing realistic fiction book. It was very detailed and told from the first-person point of view. I really liked how the characters each had their own struggles but ended up needing each other to help. My favorite character is Lily. I really liked how she was very close to her twin brother. She clung onto him like a baby and mother. She couldn't let go of him until her grandpa started teaching her to get a life of her own. Lily understood that making friends would help her worry less about her life. My least favorite character in the book was Bump Stubbins. He didn’t really have a change of heart and stayed exactly how he was. He was mean and vandalized kids things. I could see why Jake hung out with him at first, and I’m glad that he stopped hanging out with him. I really enjoyed reading this book and would read more books from this author. The title of the book can show that it is about two characters that are probably going to be different. The cover of the book can also show you how different the two characters are. I would give this book a 4 out of 5.

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