Heroine by Mindy McGinnis

Heroine by Mindy Mcginnis is an interesting novel that displays addiction. I enjoyed how it reversed the stereotypes about someone who is an addict. I liked when the novel went in depth of how Mickey struggled with her addiction and made excuses of why she kept taking the drugs. My favorite Character was Carolina because she stayed with Mickey and helped her through some hard times.  My least favorite Character was Patrick because although he seemed nice he really didn't care about Mickey and her friends. My favorite quote of the book was “I am not a changed person” It signified that just because she was an addict she didn't believe it changed her. One question that was not answered in the novel is that if Mickey and Carolina ever became friends again because when Carolina found out Mickeys addiction she became distant.  I also really liked that every chapter had a surprising twist to it like when Mickey found her pill dealer and it was an old woman that overheard her talking about needing more pills. I like the ending because it was bittersweet and it didn't give her a happy ending like so many other books, it
gave her consequences. I rate this book a 10/10

By Naeil

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