The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo is a story about self-identity, love, family, and acceptance. It follows the main character Xiomara Batista who is struggling with most aspects of her life. Her twin, trying to understand her mother and the Catholic church shes a part of, and most of all, herself. With all of these factors weighing on her shoulders every day, it's hard for her to understand the world she's living in and to cope with that she used her fists; physical violence seemed like the only feasible thing to do. But she soon discovers this phenomenon called “slam poetry” in which you read your poems in front of people, just you and your poem. Xiomara soon uses this to deal with all of the confusing factors surrounding her, and especially the things that make her angry. Her mother would never allow her to do this so she must write and perform in secret, thus becoming “Poet X”. This book discusses the common but overbearing issues many teenagers face and how much it actually affects them. This book perfectly captures the battle it is to find and love yourself in a world where you might feel like you don't belong, especially in a place where everyone seems to know what they want. My favorite character is Xiomara because she resorted to literature and writing to deal with her external problems which are great ways to express yourself. Overall, becoming “Poet X” gave Xiomara the air she needed to finally breathe and face all of her problems head-on.

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