The Agony House by Cherie Priest

The Agony House by Cherie Priest was a great book, especially toward the end. To me it had a bit of a slow start to me and I wouldn’t consider it the best book my Cherie Priest but it was still really good. I love mystery book so I liked how we uncovered the mystery as the characters did (including the comic, letters, and ghosts). I loved all the characters and related to Denise being someone who’s moved as well. My favorite character was Mike, Denise’s stepdad. He was always very optimistic and hardworking. He comforted Sally when she needed him and I felt that he held the family together. When we found out who was really the author, it was a big surprise coming from what time the comic was made and it was what made the whole mystery come together and make sense. I loved the illustrations by Tara O’Connor. The illustrations showed us exactly what the characters in the book were looking at when they were reading the comic and it made me feel even more connected with what was happening in the mystery. The comic was really cool because it portrayed a woman as stronger and more fearless than a man. In it Lucida Might was the hero and always had to save her boyfriend, Doug.  Overall, it was a very interesting book that I would highly recommend to someone who loves mysteries and ghost stories. 

Submitted by K. H.

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