The Takedown by Corrie Wang

The book “The Takedown” by Corrie Wang is an interesting book to read. This
story takes place in Brooklyn, NY with a 17 year old named Kyla Cheng as the main character. Kyla is one of the most popular girls in school. She has everything a young girl could want. High grades, three best friends and in a romance with Mackenzie Rodriguez. Kyla seems to have it all but could lose it when a video pops up of her having sex with her English teacher. Even though this isn’t the truth her enemies and surprisingly her friends still believe it’s her in the video. Kyla tries to overcome this by going into the world of computer hackers who know how to remove things from the Internet. Kyla needs to stop this lie from ruining her future.
This story helped me to understand the dangers of the Internet and mistaken
identity. The fact that Kyla was not the person in the video could have destroyed her whole life and the career of the teacher. I now see how easy it is for others to believe the worst about you even though you are innocent. The girl in the story was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately for her she became a victim of cyberbullying. This also let me see how degrading and disturbing rumors can be. I now see why the Internet should be used for research and good purposes only and not to destroy someone reputation. This was an excellent read. It was full of twist ad revelations. This book should be read by all teenagers especially ones that realize the dangers of the

Submitted by Luis X. Maldonado 

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