The Bang by Barry Lyga

“The Bang” by Barry Lyga is a excellent novel and ones of the best that I’ve read to date. In the book Sebastian accidently shot and killed his sister at four years old. 10 years later he still struggles with the guilt and is learning to cope with the incident that was truly a mistake made by a toddler. Due to the shooting of his sister his parents have separated and each share a strained relationship with him. His peers are no different as they bully him and ask him invading questions about the situation. Sebastian try’s to move past situation but can not seem to. When he is at his breaking point and try’s to commit suicide he happens to meet a girl. She has problems too but she begins to supports him and helps him explore his feelings and mental state.

This novel helped me understand that an accident in someone childhood could haunt them for the rest of their life. It also let me know that you can learn from any situation and can make your life more fulfilling. Also asking people for help is not bad. Sebastian preserved through the adversities of his childhood. In my opinion I think that tragedy of this nature can be dealt with through a trusted friend or spiritual help. This book taught me that you could move forward from any tragedy in your life. It just takes effort and time. This is excellent read for anyone who is going to trials and tribulations through life. I enjoyed this book and will keep it on my bookshelf to reference.

Submitted by Luis X. Maldonado 

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