The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

I like the novel The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virture by Mackenzi Lee. My favorite character was Henry Monty because he was independent, kind, caring, and stubborn. My favorite part in the novel was when Henry Monty and Percy kissed because Henry has had a crush on Percy since they were teenagers and Henry has been dreaming of this moment and it was now finally happening. He was nervous but he doesn't care about anything else in that moment and I was happy that he had finally been able to express his feelings toward Percy. I would give this novel four stars since I really loved the epic journey that Henry, Percy and Felicity took. I would like the novel more if it had less fighting and more adventure than just being jumped or robbed. I would recommend this book to some of my friends because it's a really great book but others would not be interested in this type of adventure book. I really enjoyed this book that tells the story of this incredible young man known as Henry Monty.

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