We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

We Are Okay is one of Nina LaCour's masterpieces. It is a book full of romance, drama, and everything a good book needs. The book follows Marin, who runs away from her past to New York for college. During winter break she has to spend 3 days with her best friend from home, Mabel. Now she has to face everything she's left behind and confront why she left it all in the first place. Marin is different from other people. She has a deep love for the beach and the sea. But she is focred to live in her dorm in the middle of winter in New York in her pursuit to outrun her past from catching up to her. We Are Okay is a book that shows the feelings a person feels are left unsaid. It is a book that doesn't hold anything back. It makes you feel like you are the character and you are the one jumping through the hurdles of what we call life. Marin has a burden on her shoulders that nobody else understands.

We Are Okay is an amazing read. Definitely worth the time to check it out. It was written by award winning author Nina LaCour who wrote Hold Still. This book shows you the adventures of Marins' old life and how she can better her new life.

Submitted by P. V. 

n Nina LaCour's We Are Okay,Marin has isolated herself within the walls of her dorm room to be alone over winter break. There's a loneliness in her heart, but she doesn't quite want it to go away. Marin find avoiding her grief all together is better than facing it and returning to her home in San Francisco. But when her friend Mabel comes to be with her, all the memories Marin tried to avoid seem to keep coming back to her. However, with Mabel's arrival Marin soon seems to learn that the only was to move past the grief she is feeling is to be able to face all the memories that seem to tear her apart. Throughout the novel you'll find many flashbacks where Marin goes into detail about the emotions she is feeling or felt at the time. I found those to be very enjoyable and it helped move the plot along. This was a beautifully written book by Nina LaCour that presents the common struggle of dealing with grief and how friends are often the ones that seem to help. 

Submitted by M.W.

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