Sparrow by Sarah Moon

Sparrow by Sarah Moon is a book about a normal kid who lives in an apartment in the city. Now that by itself doesn't seem like a good story, not even an okay story. But this girl is not like everyone else. She is an extremely shy girl who wants to fly with the birds. She is a girl who has trouble making friends and talking to people but can escape all that through the power of flight. To her, she is a better bird than a human. Some of you love action packed books with loads of adventure and excitement. This book is not like that but give it a chance, I am sure the people who do not like books about people and their lives will have the desire to read this book. Sparrow is a girl who is troubled and can't find her place in society. She is raised by her mother and other than her cousin and aunt she can't seem to talk to anybody else. So when she feels sad or when people make fun of her or even when she just wants to escape she uses her namesake in her vision to fly and be one with the birds. Sparrow is an amazing book with a lot of experiences and adventure but in a much calmer way that touches more on the feelings of the people around you and the struggles of real life. It shows how one girl in particular uses her mind to escape the problems of life.

Submitted by P. V.

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