Disappeared by Francisco X. Stork

Disappeared By Francisco X. Stork
    Disappeared is a story about two siblings, named Sara and Emiliano, and their lives in Mexico. If I were to rate this book out of 10 I would rate it a 6, because the beginning of the book wasn’t that intriguing, at least to me. However towards the middle of the book it starts to get more intriguing. I personally liked the part when Sarah’s friend gets saved by the FBI because Sara hasn't seen or talked with her best friend for two months but she didn't give up hope that her friend was alive somewhere so when I found out that her friend was saved it made me happy. I also I liked when they captured Hinojosa because they finally captured a bad guy who was a big shot in the crime world. I didn’t like when Emiliano went to go see the drug dealer because I can’t imagine a child at his age getting exposed to drugs. I didn’t like the book that much because I am more into fantasy than realistic fiction, but I still liked the book because there was action and intense scenes. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone like I would for the Percy Jackson series, but I would recommend this book to someone who likes reading realistic fiction or likes learning about the daily challenges of people from around this world. I would also recommend this book to someone who could relate to this book, like someone who has just recently moved to America from Mexico.
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