Beast by Brie Spangler

In the book Beast by Brie Spangler, Dylan is a tall, meaty and hairy 15 year old.  He gets bullied at high school and on the day the school bans hats, he goes up on the school roof.  He falls and is in the hospital with a broken leg.  Dylan tried to kill himself so now he has to go to a mental therapy group with people who harm themselves.  He didn’t like the sessions so he left.  Then, he met a girl named Jamie.  Jamie is a transgender girl and accepts Dylan the way he is but Dylan doesn’t really like the idea of her being transgender.  My favorite character was Jamie because she is a sweetheart and loving and caring.  My favorite part was when Dylan finds out Jamie is transgender because I was wondering how Dylan would react.  Of course, he was a bit serious about it.  I would recommend this book to everybody because I want to see their reaction to it.  I believe that Jamie should have been treated better than Dylan.  I would rate this book 5 stars because it was really interesting to read and I really enjoyed it.


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