Booked by Alexander Kwame

Booked by Alexander Kwame is about a boy named Nick Hall and his busy but frustrated life.  Nick has a passion for soccer.  He'd rather not pay attention in class, instead think about a girl and soccer.  His parents split up.  Nick turned to books as his way out.  On top of this, his father was injured and needed surgery immediately.  

My favorite character is Nick because throughout the pain in his life, he still tries to find a way to ease his pain- by reading. My favorite part in this book is when his father thinks that good grades college is key, but Nick wants to pursue a soccer career.  Nick does not listen to what other people want, and chooses to pursue his own dream.  I would rate this book a 9 out of 10 because this has many themes like perseverance, which is a good attribute to have!With everything going on, Nick still tries to stay strong.  

Submitted by Y. S. 

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