Free Verse by Sarah Dooley

Sasha has been through it all. When she was five, her mother ran away. When she was eight, her father passed away due to an incident in the mines. After that, she has been left with her brother Michael, and no known family left. Sasha and her brother have always dreamed of leaving Caboose, West Virginia, but that can't be done anymore. Her sweet beloved brother Michael dies in a fire, and she is left with no family. Sasha is now placed in foster care and feels lonely and broken. Any family that she has known her whole life is dead, and she can't fulfill escaping Caboose.

When Sasha finds out about family she never knew she had, her mindset changes. She even makes a new friend in school and begins to write poems to cope with her brother's death. When things start to get good again,  bad things happen and everything changes again. I rate this book a 9 out of 10 and my favorite character is Sasha because she has been through so much and still is brave. I would recommend this to friends because it shows that we all go through something.

Submitted by Pritheva

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