Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse

In the novel Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse, the main protagonist Hanneke is a black market dealer during World War II. Germany then invades the Dutch’s line of defense, killing Hanneke’s boyfriend Bas. While all of this misfortune is happening to her, one of her clients- Mrs. Janssen -who usually asks for meats and kerosene, asks for a Jewish person that she had been hiding. At first Hanneke wants nothing to do with it because she can already get in a lot of trouble let alone getting caught delivering black market goods, she can get killed on sight trying to save a Jewish person at this time. But slowly Hanneke gets interested in this mystery of how the person escaped and why the person would escape Mrs. Janssen’ s home without getting caught. Slowly but surely she gets more interested in this mystery and has to find out what happened to that person. My favorite character is Hanneke because of how she gets herself out of tough situations through lies and smart thinking, and also doing things that could get her killed. In the end I would rate this book to my friends and I would give this book a 4.6/5 stars.

 Submitted by Jarif Kabir


Girl in the Blue Coat  by Monica Hesse was a little different than what I usually read.  Hanneke's life consists of delivering black market goods to customers and hiding this from her suspicious parents. She lost her boyfriend to a war and she misses him dearly. She really likes to perform small acts of rebellion:  from keeping certain newspapers to hiding the truth about her job. My favorite part of the book was when she was cycling to the old woman's house fervently. She didn't even acknowledge her classmate or a paying customer calling her. I liked it because you could see that this was a very important moment for her and it showed her determination as a person in general. I will recommend this book to my friends because I feel like they would enjoy reading it. 

Review by P.Z.

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