The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle

The main character, Quinn Roberts is not like others. He loves screenplay but, doing it has been hard lately. Coping with his sister's death and his mother not being there for him, it's hard for him. He also left school, all these bad things happening to him one at a time, first starting with his beloved sister's death. One day while Quinn was in his house, a normal day for him (having no AC and eating junk food), a visitor comes who he hasn't talked to in a while. Quinn's best friend Geoff tells Quinn that it's time to come out from "hibernation" and face the outside world. Quinn doesn't want to and thinks, what would happen if another person who he hasn't seen in a long time sees him and starts to interact with him. After going outside and seeing people who he knew, he goes to his first college party where he meets someone and falls for him. He starts to think about screenplay again, that maybe his life could be happy, that's why Quinn is my favorite character.  I would recommend it to people who want to relate to teenagers problems. I rate it a 7 out of 10.
Submitted by Pritheva.

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