The Lie Tree by Francese Hardinge

I’m reading The Lie Tree by Francese Hardinge. This book is a tale about a mysterious tree that spreads when the main character, Faith, lies. However, she learns the consequences of lying when her tales become too distant from the truth. My favorite character is of course Faith, because of her determination.  The part I like most is when Faith discovers the tree, and decides to use it for her father despite it’s seediness. I would rate this book a 7/10, and this book was as both relatable as it is bizzare. It gives a good moral value: be careful before you speak. It can also be very emotional—Faith has to deal with situations from loss to honesty, at a high level. I did deduct 3 points though, because some pages are simple filler and kept me bored. Of course, sometimes the filler can lead anticipation for the conclusion, but it felt like too much. The complexity of the language makes me recommend this book to young adults, not really anyone in the 12-15 age group. It really is an okay book, so if you like morality, I suggest you read this.

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