Beastkeeper by by Cat Hellisen

jacket-aspxThe following fairy tale revolves around the mystical life of a girl named Sarah and her family.  In the beginning, teenager Sarah wished to acquire magic.   Sarah and her family were always migrating to different locations to avoid the “cold”, or  magic.  Sarah eventually became a teen without a mom, when her mother abandoned her and her father.  Consequently, bad things happened to Sarah’s father including him turning into a beast.  Sarah’s life began to turn upside down when she discovered the magical curses her family was involved in.  Sarah is my favorite character because she represents the majority of the teenage population in my eyes:  She wanted something, got it, and wanted the total opposite afterwards.  This happens to all teens.  I would rate this book an 8 out of 10 only because it is a fairy tale and not something I prefer to read.  I would still recommend it because it is a very interesting book.

Submitted by M. H.

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