The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

indexThis book was really interesting to me because it showed how relatives move away or separate as time goes on even if you are close to one another.  The book is written in a cool and unique way by putting some of the paragraphs into rhyming poems that show what is going on in the paragraph.   The main character is named Josh Bell, but is usually called by his nickname, Filthy McNasty.  His dad, Chuck Bell, is a retired professional NBA player.  Jordan Bell is his brother.  Both Jordan and Josh love to play basketball and challenge each other with bets sometimes.  The book really packs a punch in the emotional area and the words in this book make you feel for the characters.  Another thing I found interesting  is that they use basketball moves, terms, etc. to describe the emotions the characters are feeling.  As the story moves on, the characters go through many emotional things that you must read about!

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