Wise Young Fool by Sean Beaudoin

“You want ninety? Fine I’ll give you ninety.Jacket  I’ll give them to you coming and going”.  Teen rocker Ritchie Sudden is stuck living in juvenile detention for ninety days.  For those ninety days he has to write about what happened in his life leading up to him getting locked up. Telling the story of the year leading up to his arrest, Ritchie Sudden captures the reader’s attention, inviting them on a “maximum speed ride”.  The Battle of the Bands is looming and Ritchie’s dad split town after hearing about mom’s girlfriend.  There’s also the matter of trying to score with Ravenna Woods, the hot and dangerous girl that everyone is talking about  Not only does he have to avoid the muscle-head Spence Proffer, he is still trying to forget what his sister Beth said a week before she died.  This book is sure to keep you up at night, making you want to find out more about why Ritchie is in jail.  What is the outcome of the Battle of the Bands?  Sean Beaudoin does a very good job with the main character and the supporting characters.  The book is a very interesting book.  “Wise Young Fool” indeed he is.

Submitted by Azim Chowdhury

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