Insignia by S.J. Kincaid – 3 Reviews

KincaidInsignia is a story about Tom Raines, a boy who is extremely poor and goes to a virtual reality alternative school, and to top it off he goes about once every two weeks.  His irresponsible father, Neil, used to be a rich gambler but a streak of bad luck led him to blow all his money.  Now Tom has to make some money in the casinos to provide shelter and food.  One day his teacher talks to him about being late and asks him what he is good at – he says games.  Soon, the military training and actual combat takes place in a control room or simulation.
He decides to join the military.  He meets a friend from India in training as America and India are working together against Russia and China and his trainer, Elliot Ramirez, notices great potential.  Insignia is action packed and thrilling.  I give it 11 out of 10 stars.  I plan on reading the sequel, Vortex.

Submitted by RR

Insignia is geek heaven for me.  This is an interesting and decent science fiction book that will make you want more.  The book is about a boy who’s name is Tome Raine, and he is basically a poor person with no home.  He goes from casino to casino with his dad gambling and wasting money.  Finally he is is picked for the Pentagon Spire, an elite military academy to train for the army to help his country win World War III, but at what cost?  Each page reveals more and more that will make you keep turning.

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I rate this book 5 stars. I would recommend this novel for anyone who enjoyed the book Enders Game The book is about a nobody Tom Raine, who lives in the future. Suddenly, he realizes that someone is watching his simulations, and is offered a job in the military. The book tells what problems Tom faces while in training, and who he meets. This book is for anyone who loves science, If you like this book, i recommend the sequel, Vortex.

Submitted by Amar

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