Freakboy by Kristen Elizabeth Clark

JacketThe book Freakboy is written by Kristen Elizabeth Clark.  I did not finish the book for a good reason.  But first, this book was about a kid named Brendan and his girlfriend Vanessa.  Vanessa’s friends like Brendan, but they don’t like them together because they are always with each other.  Brendan just doesn’t want to be with Vanessa, he wants to be like her.
In my opinion, I gave this book 1/2 of a star.  The reason for this is because this book has a lot of profanity and inappropriate events.  First of all, Brendan wants to become a girl.  Second of all, Brendan tries to get his crotch removed to become a girl.  Now third of all, I almost threw up because of the inappropriate events that occurred.  I believe that this book should be for 16 year olds that have learned about the human body A LOT.

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