My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

FitzpatrickIn the story, My Life Next Door, the main character Samantha has been at first very shy with her neighbors since their house didn’t look very appealing at all.  The neighbors, the Garretts, have another baby and their house looks like a pure mess.  Now, if I was Samantha, I would probably not be very attached to being friendly to them.  Her mom is a high class politician and doesn’t really want Samantha looking much into the Garretts either, since she doesn’t have much of a liking for them.  However, when Samantha meets Jase Garrett, she begins to grow a close bond with him and starts experiencing the world outside of her home.  I feel that the scenes were very appropriate in terms of how the author develops both Sam and Jase’s relationship.  The author shows us how the teens decide beforehand how they will grow their relationship and decide on having sex.  I feel that this book shows you the sides of how a teenage relationship should work.

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