Something Like Normal by Trish Doller

DollerIn the story, Something Like Normal, the main character Travis comes home from Afghanistan.  First off, Travis is a Marine; this already shows that things in his life aren’t as easy as pie.  Then, the story continues on and talks about how, in his experience, he had lost a friend as a Marine.  This part of the story is so deep and touching and shows you what circumstances Travis had to deal with.  So, when he returns home, much greater catastrophe happens.  Fore example, his parents aren’t on the best terms and his brother took his girlfriend while he was away.  This part shows how Travis is going through so much negative experiences after probably hoping for the best outcome after his return home.  Travis finds himself not even able to sleep right!  He goes out and arrives at a girl named Harper’s house who is not known for being the best girl to hang around with in the community.  He then falls in love with Harper.  While reading this book, I felt that teens should be reading the circumstances that Travis faces because that will make them rethink about how great their problems really are.

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