Good Braider by Terry Farish

FarishThis story is of a teenage girl of African descent called Viola.  Viola is nothing like other girls because she makes it through hardships in her homeland to travel with her family for a better life out of the heart of the war.  We all know that this means that she is an immigrant.  I personally think that this book would most likely be pleasing to those who like an emotional side of a story and likes to feel many emotions when reading about an experience.  I actually saw who Viola really was and how her character traits revolved on how she cared for her family and the fears she faced in her homeland.  She faces so many hardships that even when I put myself in that situation, I would already be losing 99% of my hope.  I like, however, that she finds herself happy in school and develops feelings for a boy who likes her.  I think that in the end, reading this book will show the young woman that Viola was her experiences, and also living life from one way to another.

Submitted by Tamara

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