End Games by Michael T. Martin

MartinThe End Games, a book written by Michael T. Martin, will blow you away.  It is action-packed and has a cool twist.  My favorite character is Michael Faris.  He is my favorite because of his heroic attitude.  My favorite part was when a girl named Holly knocked on his door and then Michael opened the door naked and Holly ran away screaming.  This part made me laugh.  I believe that this book deserves 4.5 stars; it could have gotten 5 stars if situations were explained more thoroughly.  But the book is as good as it is.  I would definitely recommend this book to a friend that enjoys reading action and fiction books because, well, this book has action and fiction.  It is really self-explanatory.  The End Games will blow you away.  Thank you Michael T. Martin for an amazing book.

Submitted by JC

Honestly, this book was a little confusing.  There were some events in the plot that I didn’t understand.  All in all, this book deserves three and a half or four stars.  The bond between Michael and Patrick is pretty strong and heartwarming.  They show what a relationship between siblings should really be like.  I love the twists and turns that keep coming and catching me off guard.  This book wasn’t really bad at all.

Submitted by FN


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