Boy21 by Matthew Quick

QuickThis book was mostly about how a friendship was built between Boy21 and Finley.  First off, Finley is a normal boy and he has a normal life being a point guard on the basketball team.  He and his girlfriend are good together and they help each other become greater basketball players.  Now, when Boy21 comes to town and he and Finley grow a bond.  I feel that the author of this book does a great job building these friendships.  Boy21 is from a new background and is adjusting to living a new life.  His past life was hard, dealing with murder and coming to adjust to a new atmosphere.  I felt that this book helps show how a true friendship is truly built and the way that the friendship develops and grows.  I feel that Quick did an excellent job building this story and showing us teens how a friendship should truly be like.  The author was superb and I guarantee that you will like the adventure this story brings.

Submitted by Tamara

Boy21 starts off introducing two of the characters that play a great role in the book.  The main character, Finley, is also known as “White Rabbit” and his girlfriend is Erin.  The book starts off like any other, two teens in love with basketball who want to get out of their “crappy” town and have a better life outside the gangs, the Irish mob, and the racism.  Then everything begins to change when Boy21 arrives in town.  He is a crazy kid who believes he is from outer space and his parents are out in the galaxies.  Boy21, Finley, and Erin all become friends.  Then everything changes – everyone in their lives start to change and there is no return after that.  This book is a great read, it has the common love story, the basketball prodigy, and the science fiction everyone loves.  It teaches you how meaningful a friendship can be.

Submitted by Daniela

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