Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

CrowleyLucy Perrish turns 18 and she wants to date a famous graffiti artist named Shadow, who is painting all over the city.  Lucy’s friend Ed goes with her to find Shadow because Ed told Lucy that Shadow is somewhere spraying colors, birds and the sky at night in the city. The setting and plot take place in a moonlit cityscape on a mission to see the legendary Shadow.  There are three narrators, Lucy, Ed and the poet.

My favorite character is AL, who sounds like a sarcastic type of guy but stays cool.  I liked the part where Lucy was so confident to find her love then got disappointed.  I would give this book a 4/5.  Every part of the story looked good, especially the setting and the plot that shaped the rest of the story.  One thing I didn’t like is the need to add strong language and some inappropriate themes with references to drugs or smoking.  I would not recommend this to my friends because I am not a fan of romance fiction and my friends would not be entertained by this type of literature.

Submitted by MK

Senior year’s over and Lucy has the perfect way to celebrate; by looking for Shadow, a mysterious graffiti artist.  Not only will the book follow Lucy’s story, it will follow Ed’s – a teen who dropped out of high school, Dylan’s – who loves a girl named Daisy, Daisy’s – who hates Dylan, Jazz – a girl in need of love and a boyfriend, and Leo – who is damaged inside..  The book shows every part of their amazing night.  I give this book a 5/10; it’s intense and emotional, but it’s a little too emotional.  But overall, it’s a good book.  Hope you read it.

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