Island of Thieves by Josh Lacey

LaceyTom Trelawney burned a garden shed recently.  Simon and Sarah Trelawney were planning a trip without their children.  Tom’s brother, Jack, is staying with his friend Bongo.  Grace, Tom’s sister, is staying with Ruby.  No one in the neighborhood would want to babysit Tom because of the fire he caused.  The only person who would babysit Tom is his Uncle Harvey.   Simon and Sarah trusted Harvey so they can go on the trip.
Harvey talks about going to Peru and not taking Tom, or even telling him about the secret of the treasure that every thief wants.
My favorite character is Uncle Harvey; he reminds me of my uncle.  My favorite part is when Tom was blackmailing Harvey to take him to Peru.  He pleaded to go but his uncle said “NO!”  He joked about child abuse to his uncle – he can’t let Tom stay home or the secret service will find out, call the police and send the evil British uncle to jail!.  I just like the choice of words he uses.  I would give this 5/5 because it’s one of the best action-packed books so far and I would give it to a friend.

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