Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

SchmidtThis book is about a boy named Doug Swieteck.  Doug and his family  moved to Marysville, known as “The Dump.”  Everything is bad to Doug.  The library is owned by a crabby old lady with glasses that loop around her neck, and she detests him.  A girl named Lillian Spicer constantly embarrasses Doug.  To top it off, his brother Christopher is being accused of robbing stores.
Then everything is better for him.  He has a job at the deli every Saturday, and he is getting along with the teachers at school.  Lillian Spicer and he were in a relationship, and most importantly, Doug was learning how to draw.  Ever since Doug saw the drawings of birds by John James Audubon, he has been coming every Saturday to draw with the help of Mr. Powell, the librarian.
But now, Doug’s life is terrible – again.  Doug’s older brother, Lucas, is back from Vietnam with no eyes or legs, and everybody but his family hates him.  Christopher is accused of another robbery – will Doug’s life be okay?

Submitted by Katherine

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