The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

NielsenIn the book, an orphan named Sage and three other boys were taken in by Master Connor.  They are going to be trained to be like a royal, but what is Master Connor’s real plan?
My favorite character is Imogen, one of the servants.  I liked her because she is capable of taking care of herself.  She became a mute for about ten years so Master Connor wouldn’t marry her.  My favorite part was when Sage started to protect Imogen because she was always being beaten by the other servants.  If I would rate this book, I would give it 5 stars because it’s very thrilling.

Submitted by Katherine

“Choose to lie…or choose to die.”  In this thrilling and exciting book, a civil war is brewing in a faraway kingdom.  The royal family has been killed, and three boys may be able to save the kingdom.  Sage, an orphan, is taken by a nobleman named Connor.  Sage is in a clever plan to impersonate the last living son of the king, and only one of the boys will be chosen.
What length will Sage go to to win?  How many lies will he tell until the truth comes out?  Find out in this book.  I give it 10/10.  It was all at once suspenseful, thrilling, exciting and amazing.

Submitted by Bookworm Reviews

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