Enclave by Ann Aguirre

JacketIn the story, Enclave, a 15 year-old girl named Deuce is in danger when she finds out that all she knows and loves might be taken away from her.  The story takes place in the future where humans are forced to live underground.  When Deuce goes on a mission with her hunting partner Fade, they find out that freaks (wolflike and humalike monsters) have destroyed a nearby enclave (a small village).  Fade and Deuce rush back to their own enclave and warn the village elders.  The elders do not believe them.  On the third day when they are back in their own enclave, they are exiled to Topside (above ground) and work together to live on their own.  While they are above ground, they make two more friends named Tegan and Stalker.  They eventually find a town and stay there.

Submitted by William

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