Karma: A Novel in Verse by Cathy Ostlere

JacketKarma is a novel about a girl’s trip to India.  Maya, a.k.a. Jiva, was born to a Hindu mother and a Sikh father who had emigrated from India to start a life in Canada.  Then when her mother commits suicide, she and her father must travel to India with her mother’s ashes, even though Sikh appeals for autonomy lead to major conflicts between Indians and violent acts against Sikhs in New Delhi.  As a result, Maya/Jiva and her father are separated, but luckily a boy named Sandeep helps her to find her lost voice.

My favorite character was Sandeep because he selflessly helped a Sikh and showed how courageous and sensitive he was.  My favorite part was when Sandeep and Maya found each other in the desert because Sandeep had be searching for her so tirelessly and for so long and finally found her.  The desert portrayed their struggles in life.  I would rate this book with 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to a friend because it is very suspenseful and has many surprises.  Also, the way the book was written was very interesting and gives more insight into what the characters are thinking because it is in diary form and has short, simple sentences like the way people speak and think.

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