Eve and Adam by Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate (Two Reviews)

GrantAnd girl created boy…that sums up everything in the book.  A girl named Evening gets run over and the accident causes some bad damage.  But soon Evening is met with new problems and new mysteries about Solo and her mother.  What are they trying to do, and how does Eve fit into all of this?  Find out in this action packed, suspenseful and scientific book!

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if we modified human DNA? The science fiction novel Eve and Adam explores this idea and many more. The book revolves around teenager Evening (Eve) Spiker, whose mother is a very rich and famous entrepreneur with a company that specializes in DNA and biochemistry. When Eve gets in a car accident, her mother insists on taking her to her facility instead of the hospital. In order to keep Eve busy while she is recovering, she is allowed to “create a human” using a computer widget that lets her play with human DNA. Meanwhile, she meets Solo Plissken, whose parents were killed six years ago. He is now in Mrs. Spiker’s “care”, so he works at her facility. Eve’s best friend Aislin also comes to visit her. During her stay at the Spiker facility, Eve discovers that she was genetically modified as a baby to heal very quickly–her injuries from the accident were gone in only a few days. Solo also discovers a terrifying secret about the Spiker facility and he sets out to show the world this experiment and end Spiker’s business. Eve is mad at her mother for “using her as an experiment” by modifying her DNA, so she decides to help Solo. As Eve, Solo and Aislin venture out, many things are discovered and events happen in between…including Adam coming to life.

There is very little I dislike about this book. I think the book provides a very interesting take on science and what could possibly happen in the future, all while managing to tell a good story. There is one gripe I have, however, and that is–surprise, surprise–the romance. As some of you may have predicted, Solo ends up becoming Eve’s boyfriend. The problem with this is that it’s shoehorned in at the end with no buildup. Solo mentions throughout the story that he likes Eve, but Eve does not share those feelings at all. You could say they have a few moments, but for the most part Eve is just Solo’s ally is they try to expose her mother. Suddenly at the end, they’re making out. I honestly think that ruined the ending. It just didn’t make any sense and seemed like an excuse to have people kissing at the end. Granted, most of the ending was a bit sudden to me…but I digress. Perhaps it’s something you can figure out, anyway. With the ending put aside, Eve and Adam is worth your time if you’re looking for an insightful tale filled with adventure and new discoveries around every corner.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Submitted by Lauren Leon

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