The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle

CastleLaurel was only sixteen years old when her world was turned upside down.  Her parents were killed instantly in a car accident along with her brother.  The driver of the car was the father of her bad boy neighbor David Kaufman and David’s mother was also killed in the accident.  But David’s dad is in a coma.  Everywhere Laurel goes she is reminded of something about either her parents or her brother.

After the accident, Laurel is given looks of pity everywhere she goes.  She even thinks that boys are suddenly wanting to get to know her out of pity.  Pity she doesn’t want.  The only person that doesn’t give her looks of pity is David Kaufman himself.  Even though Laurel should be hating David the most, she can’t bring herself to do so.  Instead, Laurel finds herself falling for him.  Will David ever have the same feelings that Laurel has toward him?  More importantly, what will happen when David’s dad wakes up?

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